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New Services


Health Check IT

If you’ve been using your computer or laptop for over a year, it may be worth scheduling a Health Check with us.

Our technology Health Checks include all of the following:

  • Deep malware scan and removal

  • All latest system updates applied and the latest drivers

  • Recommendations based on your usage to help extend the life of your tech

  • A Health Check report detailing what we’ve done

  • One day turnaround; drop off by 10am and collect after 4pm 

Our Health Check is a quick and easy way to

help you get the most out of your tech and

ensure it meets your needs both now,

and in the future.

Book your Health Check today for

£49.00 by contacting us!

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Trade IT

If you need more from your computer or

laptop and it cannot be Refreshed, then

our Trade IT service can help you.

Simply provide us with a few details

and in return we can provide some

suitable options for your next computer

or laptop.

Trade IT works:

  • You tell us what you need from a computer or laptop and what
    you have now

  • You tell us your budget for your new computer or laptop

  • We will provide you with options to meet your needs and budget

  • We can setup your new computer or laptop we can recycle your old computer or laptop

Best of all, once you’ve selected your new machine, you can drop off your current one by 10am and your new one will be ready to go by 4pm the same day!

If you think it’s time to Trade IT, then get in touch now!

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